•  Pre-sale service:
    Purpose: To provide customers with the right choice of chillers and refrigeration equipment to provide a full range of solutions and support
    1. A comprehensive understanding of the needs of customers, customers in advance to inform the water flow temperature difference.
    2. According to the process conditions to help customers choose the right model, especially the key
    3. According to the needs of the field of professional engineers to field visits
    4. Submit written solutions and reports for customer reference
    Sale service
    Purpose: timely and accurate delivery,
    1. Communicate with the market department to deliver to the customer on time
    2. Free guidance for customer use
    3. Temporary changes should be made
    After-sales service:
    Mainly contains several major plates: technical support services specific content
    technical support
    Regular training to the customer to provide professional chiller knowledge training training, the company according to the actual situation you need to operate your technician training:
    1. refrigeration system principle.
    2. Frozen system parts function and performance introduction.
    3. Operation, maintenance, failure analysis and treatment of chillers.
    4. When the equipment fails, Party B shall provide the technical parameters
    5. When the wearing parts of the defective need to provide the accessories information
    2. Service contents:
    Screw the installation of new units, commissioning and test machine to guide the work;
    To provide you with the warranty period within the maintenance work;
    To provide you with the warranty period after the annual maintenance, emergency maintenance and unit overhaul business;
    To provide you with high quality, inexpensive parts supply and protection;
    To provide you with energy saving, control upgrades and other services;
    To provide you with equipment installation and transformation of technical services;
    2. After-sales service specific content
    ☆ products from the date of shipment, the whole one year warranty (except for man-made reasons and irresistible natural disasters);
    ☆ the seller received the buyer to repair the phone, within 24 hours to give a solution; such as the phone can not be resolved, the domestic maintenance of the nearest service personnel on-site service or equipment maintenance
    ☆ In the warranty period, the unit operation failure, we received a telephone or fax, in accordance with the "after-sales service staff requirements," the second point of service, until the return to normal operation;
    ☆ warranty period, the customer and I signed a maintenance agreement, by the DAVAO company responsible for the maintenance and repair of equipment, service content and the same warranty period;
    ☆ regularly by telephone and on-site visits to visit the customer, to keep abreast of the operation of the equipment, and the occurrence of timely failure to ensure that customers can long-term stable and safe operation of equipment. Conduct customer satisfaction surveys at the same time, understand where to work and make continuous improvements.
    2. Service staff requirements
    ☆ after-sales service staff to implement listing services, to accept user supervision;
    ☆ after-sales service emergency users of the urgency, and actively take the initiative to solve problems for users;
    ☆ service personnel in the maintenance process, there must be no trouble for the user's behavior, or will be dealt with severely;
    ☆ service personnel to the user site environment is completely responsible for, not damage the site objects, maintenance and repair services to the end of the site to clean up;
    3. Warranty charges:
    ☆ labor costs: 500 yuan / person / day; ☆ fare; according to the actual charge.
    ☆ wearing parts: according to the day of the market price. Wearing parts, such as: capacitors, pump motors, pipelines, electrical and other components;