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    Dawoxi is a technology-driven enterprise for industrial and scientific research-level customers with refrigeration, heating, temperature control system to provide solutions,
    Adhering to the "good for the matter will benefit its" concept for every customer to create the best products.
    From 1820 - artificial ice was first made in the laboratory, modern refrigeration technology spans two hundred years of history. With the rapid development of modern information technology and industrial processing technology, human beings have realized the precise control of temperature and the development of ultra-low temperature, so that the product diversity and practicality greatly increased.

    Davos is a group of industry technology and management of the formation of the company, technical knowledge with professional and complex, we provide modern production and scientific research cooling machine, chiller, refrigeration equipment, heating devices, hot and cold test equipment , Temperature control system, heat exchanger unit, non-standard refrigeration equipment engineering design and installation, etc. to provide research and development, production, sales, installation, maintenance and other one-stop turnkey projects.

    Our equipment and systems are widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronic processing, new materials synthesis, food processing, plastic stereotypes, scientific research, biological and pharmaceutical, scientific laboratory equipment, process temperature control. Thus achieving the full temperature control of the equipment and process. Thereby speeding up production effectiveness and improving product quality.
    We are located in the "innovation capital" the forefront of reform and opening up - Shenzhen our advanced manufacturing base has the most advanced manufacturing and testing equipment, in order to achieve rapid delivery capacity for your savings in delivery time, to provide production efficiency.
    Thanks to the partners who have joined us to grow together, Davos has focused on the solution of the refrigeration equipment, which has made our equipment and systems widely used in major enterprises and science and technology institutions, in Zhuhai Livzon Pharmaceutical, Wo State Pharmaceutical Nanjing University, Hainan University, South China University of Technology, Lanzhou University, Jilin University Research Institute: Hebei Food Research Institute, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shandong Institute of Energy, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China, Shenzhen Advanced Manufacturing Research Institute, China Academy of Space Technology, Quality Inspection Organization: Jiangxi Provincial Quality Supervision Institute, Guangxi Quality Supervision Institute, Hubei and other counties and municipalities Environmental Protection Bureau, etc.
    With the rapid development of China's scientific and technological research, Davos will be the rapid development of our products more services to our partners. Dawoxi is committed to the development of refrigeration technology unremitting efforts.